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Bruce Jensen Nurseries

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Premium grade foliage plants
  • Our plants are grown in heated facilities with hard roofs, meaning they are protected from damaging weather & environmental conditions. Plants begin the acclimatization process to interior use from the moment production begins.
  • We use a peat-based potting mix to support the hygienic demands of plants destined for an interior application.
  • Through our regular treatment program we strive to keep pest infestation to a minimal, non-harmful level without dispersing undue chemicals into the environment.
Certified production facilities
  • We are certified to ship to California, Texas, Louisiana and Canada.
Custom growing
  • With our objective to be a strong and reliable industry partner, BJN welcomes the opportunity to help its customers make the visions of their clients a reality by offering custom growing solutions.​
Order assembly & logistics
  • Our company resources, infrastructure and experience together qualify and efficiently enable BJN to fulfill a broad scope of interior foliage & project needs.
Extensive brokerage network
  • With over five decades in the marketplace & a strong reputation for best business practices, BJN is a respected industry partner in both the supply & procurement of indoor foliage.
In person & personalized sourcing
  • Quality, variety & satisfying specifications are our targeted outcomes from our firsthand approach to order fulfillment.
Florida & Canadian facilities
  • Our sister company & Canadian agent, Jill Jensen Botanicals, located in southern Ontario provides additional logistical support, growing & sourcing services to interior landscapers, retailers & wholesalers across Ontario. Shipping to other provinces on third-party carriers can also be arranged.