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Mid-February Availability Update 

Excellent growing weather = YES! More plants on availability this week = NOT YET  :( 

Its not all bad news. We are releasing a new-to-us variety of goldfish plant this week, 8"HB Columnea hirta. Very full and starting to vine. No bud/bloom yet though.

We also have restarted production of 6" Pleomele Song of India and 6" Dracaena Rikki so look for these two items to be showing up on availability soon.

Best bets right now include:

14" Ficus Lyrata Bush (36/40") & 14" Ficus Burgundy Bush (34/36") - have a few pots of each that look great!
6" Hedera Lemon Algerian - very full, can be split if you are making mixed containers for spring
8" Dracaena Lemon Lime & Limelight - 2 ppp, have great height at 22/24"! 
10" Dracaena Art/Carmen bush - 28/32" OAH, 3 ppp

Ordering Policy: With heavy shipping comes the sad reality that we may be sold out prior to processing or shipping your order especially when it comes to the most in demand items. We apologize in advance for this. We also remind of our policy not to hold items for shipping in future weeks. We need to keep making space to produce more plants so this would leave us no room to store plants for future ship dates. We appreciate your understanding regarding this. 

Bruce, Jill, Joan, Lindsay & the Gang!