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Happy 4th of July!

Officially kicking off summer this week with the July 4th holiday.

We will be open Monday through Wednesday this week then reopening Monday, July 8th after then long weekend.

Please send in your orders early so we can notify trucks in time due to their holiday pick-up schedules.

 This availability is good for the next 2 weeks or until we sell out of some items!

Lots of choices looking great right now including a few hot new releases:

4" Philodendron Micans - gorgeous color right now!
4" Scindapsis Silver Ann - ready to go with lots more crops right behind
6" Ficus Lyrata & Burgundy Rubber - both available this week
6" & 8"HB Hedera Lemon/Neon Algerian - full with vines, great color!
4" & 6" Philodrendon cordatum - super full and lush, top quality, perfect for walls!
6" & 8" HB Gold Pothos - large leaf, very full and well-rooted!
6" Aglaonema Creta & Osaka - new crops finally red to go!
12" Dracaena Janet Craig Bush - new pot size for us, same big plant as 14" but for less $








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