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Trying times 

At this point, I feel I've gone numb to the situation surrounding all of us. It is so beyond anything I think any of us have ever lived through before. It is a test of faith, resilience, ingenuity, humor and levelheadedness. May we all have these qualities in abundance, and support those with less capacity to cope. And, apparently abundant toilet paper! 

As of the time of writing, we are carrying on business relatively normally while taking all precautions advised to contain the spread of COVID-19. Should the situation degrade further or the State mandate other action, we will adjust accordingly. This is a volatile situation so we are constantly reviewing and responding as needed.

Best bets right now include:

4" & 8"HB Philodendron micans
6" Dracaena dragon 'Tornado' - new variety now ready!
6" Golden Pothos - full head only
4" & 6" Hedera Lemon Algerian 
8"HB Hedera Glorie de Marengo Ivy - full with short vines, 40 cases ready now
10" Dracaena Lemon Lime/Goldstar bush - 28/32" OAH, 3 ppp

Trucks did start to cut-off taking orders without warning, which is a sign the spring shipping season has (or did) begin. To secure your space, we will notify the trucklines as soon as orders are received. This means we will be booking space BEFORE the orders are confirmed. If some items are not available at time of shipping, we are not responsible for the cost of unfilled truck space.