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Hi Everyone,

As the colder weather starts to descend upon the country, we are excited to continue to be rolling out some new items to enhance our indoor plant world. We don't have huge numbers on them yet so don't go hog crazy but we have enough in the pipeline that we've decided its time to start sharing! Keep scrolling for pictures. I also have posted a couple of photos of nursery views just 'cuz its looking so lush and pretty in here.

This week's new intros & best bets include:

4" Gold Pothos - 50 cases available, super full
4" Ficus Ruby Red Rubber - we can cherry-pick plants up to size with more ready soon, including 6"!
6" Schefflera Alpine Jr - Soleil is sold out for next couple of weeks
8" HB Curly Rasta Lipstick - new & cool!, Great new crop of 8"HB Mona Lisa Lipstick also now ready to ship!
8" HB Philodendron Micans & Swiss Cheese - few cases of each now ready, ABSOLUTELY NO HOLDS
4" Aglaonema Favonian - 1 ppp, pinky white variegation
6" & 8" Sansevieria Sayuri - broader leaf with white/silver variegation 
3" Hoya Kerrii Green Hearts - pack 24 or 48; have close to 500 plants now ready!


Bruce, Jill, Joan, Lindsay & the Gang!

PS: Remember to check us out on Plant Ant for current updates and photos!