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Availability Update 

Hi Everyone. 

Not much on the availability again next week, but things should improve very soon. We are on Mother Nature's timetable now as we wait for things to grow. I know it is exasperating (for us as well as our customers), but please be patient. 

Because of the current market conditions, I want to be clear about a couple of things. We are not accepting pre-books as this would only result in a few brokers or customers being able to get product. Instead, everything we have ready to sell is listed on the weekly availability so everyone gets a fair shot at it. We are spreading limited quantities over multiple orders, so that as many of you as possible get a little bit of product rather than a single broker or customer getting everything. This said, we only have small numbers ready each week right now so they are very quickly sold out. This is why we may be unable to fill your orders.  The situation is far from ideal, but we are doing everything possible to rise to the demand challenge. There simply is a lag time necessitated by the need for plants to grow.  

Due to the heavy demand for plants straining our time & resources, we have implemented a new minimum $100 order policy. Brokers are excepted from this. High demand items such as hoya, scindapsis, certain philodendron varieties and packaging costs do not count toward the minimum order total. These are indicated by ***.

Please stay socially-distanced and wear masks, everyone. 

Bruce, Jill, Joan, Lindsay, Ana & the Gang!
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