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Hi Everyone. 

Please be advised that we are not putting out an availability list for the next two weeks. 

I tried very hard not to be one of the many nurseries who are currently unable to publish an availability, but at this point we have no choice. We are having to cancel or refuse too many orders either in part or in full so, until the quantities available improve, we will be more focused on production instead.

The office remains open during this time so feel free to contact us for updates.

A gentle reminder to everyone that we--growers, wholesalers, retailers & interiorscapers-- are all struggling under the intense demand pressure in the current red-hot houseplant market. When under such extreme pressure and stress, it happens that people can be on less than their best behavior.  Please know that we are trying our absolute best to be as fair as our inventory will allow in distributing product, but poor customer behavior  will not be tolerated. Bullying is never ok. It saddens me to even have to say this, but there have been recent incidents at our and other nurseries which have brought the issue to the fore. Such a shame.

Please stay socially-distanced and wear masks, everyone. 


Bruce, Jill, Joan, Lindsay, Ana & the Gang!

PS: Remember to check us out on Plant Ant for current updates and photos!