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Hi Everyone,

Let the festivities begin! Holiday season is officially upon us! Travel safe this week, folks!

Please note that our office will be CLOSED on November 28 &29th (Thursday & Friday).

All orders for shipping on Monday, December 2nd must be received no later than noon on Wednesday, November 27th.

The attached availability covers both this week and next.

This week's new intros & best bets include:

4" Gold Pothos - 50 cases available, super full ON SALE $1.10 EACH
8"HB Philodendron Brasil & Cordatum - full with great color!
6", 8" & 10" Dracaena Lemon Lime - all 3 sizes have great height and color! 
3" Hoya Kerrii Green Hearts - pack 24 or 48; have only 600 plants left!

Some fan favs that are nearly ready include: 4" lipsticks (3 varieties!), 4" & 6" Hoya Pubicalyx & Krimson Queen, 4" Green & Variegated Repens. Watch the list for details! 

Bruce, Jill, Joan, Lindsay & the Gang!


PS: Remember to check us out on Plant Ant for current updates and photos!