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Kicking off summer with a SALE!

Welcome to June! We've survived another spring frenzy!

We are celebrating by putting several items back on availability and on sale! The hot weather that we've had for the last few weeks here in Florida has really helped the plants jump and they are looking full and gorgeous!

Look for sale pricing on the following:

10" Dracaena Art & Janet Craig bush
4" & 6" Dracaena Green Jewel
6" Algerian Ivy, green & high-color marengo
6" Algerian Green & Lemon - LANDSCAPE GRADE

Our new crop of 9"/10" Dracaena Cane 321 multi-head cutbacks is also now ready. We have Green Jewel, Jade Jewel, Lemon Lime, Ulises and Elegance/Janet Craig available. We have also decreased the price of them to $26.00 each!

As promised, I have a lot of updated photos for you this week so be sure to scroll down.


Bruce, Jill, Joan, Lindsay & the Gang!

PS: Remember to check us out on Plant Ant for current updates and photos!