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Availability certainly need an update...

Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for a busy week! Seems this new plant craze has fomented year-round demand for houseplants, much different than the previously seasonal ebb and flow. 

The heavy shipping has punched some holes in our availability. You can find our updated availability by clicking on links above. We are between crops now on a few items but, rest assured, we have lots more of everything in the pipeline!

Best bets, including some new releases this week, include:

10" Dracaena Dorado bush
10" Dracaena Art bush
4" Philodendron Little Phil
4" Lipstick Mona Lisa

 We are featuring 4 varieties of 14" ficus bush/columns this week. We don't often have these so grab them while you can. All our ficus are greenhouse-grown so are well-acclimatized.


Bruce, Jill, Joan, Lindsay & the Gang!

PS: Remember to check us out on Plant Ant for current updates and photos!