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Mid-February Availability Update 

Well, after 6 straight very heavy ship weeks to kick off 2020 (thank you very much!!!), our inventory of plants that are ready to ship is now very low. 

The good news is that the weather forecast for the coming days is very conducive to growing plants so we hope our availability will rebound quickly. The bad news is that there isn't much listed on our availability this week. 

Best bets right now include:

6" Hedera Lemon Algerian
8"HB Hawaiian Spider Plants - big!
8" Dracaena Lemon Lime & Limelight - 2 ppp, have great height at 22/24"! 
10" Dracaena Art/Carmen bush - 28/32" OAH, 3 ppp

Ordering Policy: With heavy shipping comes the sad reality that we may be sold out prior to processing or shipping your order especially when it comes to the most in demand items. We apologize in advance for this. We also remind of our policy not to hold items for shipping in future weeks. We need to keep making space to produce more plants so this would leave us no room to store plants for future ship dates. We appreciate your understanding regarding this. 


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